Metabolic Evaluation and Recurrence Prevention for Urinary Stone Patients: EAU Guidelines

Context: An optimum metabolic evaluation strategy for urinary stone patients has not been clearly defined. Objective: To evaluate the optimum strategy for metabolic stone evaluation and management to prevent recurrent urinary stones. Evidence acquisition: Several databases were searched to identify studies on the metabolic evaluation and prevention of stone recurrence in urolithiasis patients. Special interest was given to the level of evidence in the existing literature.


Conclusion: Metabolic stone evaluation is highly recommended to prevent stone recurrences. Patient summary: In this report, we looked at how patients with urolithiasis should be evaluated and treated in order to prevent new stone formation. Stone type determination and specific blood and urine analysis are needed to guide patient treatment.


AUTORE: Andreas Skolarikos , Michael Straub , Thomas Knoll , Kemal Sarica , Christian Seitz , Ales Petrˇı´k , Christian Tu¨rk