Meeting report of the “Symposium on kidney stones and mineral metabolism: calcium kidney stones in 2017”

A symposium on kidney stones and mineral metabolism held on December 2017 in Brussels, Belgium was the first international multidisciplinary conference of the International Collaborative Network on Kidney Stones and Mineral Metabolism. This meeting addressed epidemiology, underlying pathophysiological mechanisms, genetics, pathological, as well as clinical and research topics. The participants included clinicians and recognized experts in the field from Europe and the United States interacted closely during the symposium which promoted a chance to explore new frontiers in the field of kidney stone disease. This manuscript summarizes some of the major highlights of the meeting.


AUTORE: Agnieszka Pozdzik · Naim Maalouf · Emmanuel Letavernier · Isabelle Brocheriou · Jean‑Jacques Body · Benjamin Vervaet · Carl Van Haute · Johanna Noels · Romy Gadisseur · Vincent Castiglione · Frédéric Cotton · Giovanni Gambaro · Michel Daudon · Khashayar Sakhaee