LITHORISK.COM: the novel version of a software for calculating and visualizing the risk of renal stone

Estimation of state of saturation with stone-forming salt represents a reliable tool to assess the overall risk. The available methods are based on computer-assisted ab initio calculations. Our earlier method URSUS was subsequently substituted by Lithorisk®, a software including visualization of risk profiles…  After digiting input variables (urea and creatinine also included) in a fixed dashboard, state of saturation is promptly given. In addition to state of saturation (ß) with calcium oxalate, brushite and uric acid, ß struvite and cystine are available…  The software was implemented with equations allowing to omit sulphate and ammonium excretion for users with difficult access to these measurements. This simplified version, tested for ßCaOx and ßBsh on 100 urine samples showed close correlation with the full version… 

AUTORE: Martino Marangella · Michele Petrarulo · Corrado Vitale · Piergiuseppe Daniele · Silvio Sammartano