Hyperparathyroidism complicating CYP 24A1 mutations

CYP24A1 gene mutations induce infantile hypercalcemia, with high 1,25(OH)2D contrasting with low PTH levels. The adult phenotype is not well known. Two unrelated adult patients were referred for nephrolithiasis, hypertension, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, normal 25-OHD levels, and inappropriate PTH levels (22 to 92 pg/mL; N: 15–68) suggesting primary hyperparathyroidism, leading to surgery. Hypercalciuria improved despite persistent hypercalcemia, treated with cinacalcet. The ratio 25-OHD3/24-25-(OH)2D3 > 100 (N < 25) suggested the diagnosis of CYP24A1 mutations which were confirmed through Sanger sequencing. In conclusion, the adult phenotype associated with CYP24A1 mutations can evolve over time from hypercalcemia with suppressed PTH towards hyperparathyroidism with moderately increased PTH level, adenoma and/or slightly increased parathyroid glands. Surgery decreased calciuria and improved kidney function. Cinacalcet was partially effective on hypercalcemia since PTH was inappropriate. This novel phenotype, a phenocopy of hyperparathyroidism, might evolve in few cases towards hyperparathyroidism despite random association of the 2 diseases cannot be excluded.


AUTORE: Camille Loyer, Clara Leroy, Arnaud Molin, et al LETTER TI EDITOR