Dietary Risk Factors for Incident and Recurrent Symptomatic Kidney Stones

… Results: In fully adjusted analyses, lower dietary calcium, potassium, caffeine, phytate, and fluid

intake were all associated with a higher odds of an incident symptomatic kidney stone. Among

incident stone formers, 73 experienced symptomatic recurrence during a median 4.1 years of followup.

Adjusting for body mass index, fluid intake, and energy intake, lower dietary calcium and lower

potassium intake were predictive of symptomatic kidney stone recurrence. With further adjustment

for nondietary risk factors, lower dietary calcium intake remained a predictor of recurrence, but lower

potassium intake only remained a predictor of recurrence among those not taking thiazide diuretics or

calcium supplements.

Conclusion: Enriching diets in stone formers with foods high in calcium and potassium may help

prevent recurrent symptomatic kidney stones.


AUTORE: Api Chewcharat, MD; Charat Thongprayoon, MD; Lisa E. Vaughan, MS; Ramila A. Mehta, MS; Phillip J. Schulte, PhD; Helen M. O’Connor, MS; John C. Lieske, MD; Eric N. Taylor, MD; and Andrew D. Rule, MD