A lavatory urine color (LUC) chart method can identify hypohydration in a physically active population

To provide a new and efcient at-the-toilet-bowl method of self-assessing urine concentration via urine color (Uc) to identify hypohydration. … Urine color was scored similarly by subjects and investigators (P=0.99). Based on receiver operating curves (ROC), the method scored fair, i.e., the area under the curve ranging 0.73–0.82, with an accuracy of participants and investigators correctly classifying 72% and 75% urine samples compared to a USG threshold of 1.020, respectively, and 62% and 70% compared to a urine osmolality threshold of 836 mmol·kg−1, respectively. Conclusion This new lavatory urine color (LUC) method of scoring Uc levels to assess potential hypohydration gives results similar to those of traditional urine color charts, but it has the advantage of an immediate assessment of hydration status based on scoring urine color directly from the toilet bowl.



AUTORE: Floris C. Wardenaar · Daniel Thompsett · Kaila A. Vento · Dean Bacalzo